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Basic Tank:

21st Century 1/18th scale plastic tank, with Clark-Models TK22, Steel gear box, plastic linked tracks, , turret rotation and barrel elevation . 5 channel radio.
Upgrades Available
$500.00 Plus shipping
1/18th Scale M-48 Patton Tank
Tamiya Gearbox  Call For Pricing
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Click here to see YouTube video of a similar conversion done by RC Tank Wars to see how this tank runs.
 Barrel Recoil Units
Asiatam / Taigen Recoil Unit
Can be used with HL RX-18
Can be used to trigger flash
Has elevation motor included
Fast recoil, slow return


Heng Long Servo Recoil Board
Can be used with RX-18 with servo circuit  $40.00

Direct fit in HL tanks, no modifications required
Uses existing elevation gearbox


Tamiya Recoil board
Can be used with HL RX-18
Can be used to trigger flash
Requires seperate elevation gearbox
Very quiet and reliable
Can trigger flash

Call for pricing

5 Reasons Why These Speakers Are Superior

1- Foam Surround For Better Frequency Responce
2-Larger Magnet For Better Efficiency
3-Can Handel More Power
4-Much Better Sound
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Foam edge, paper cone full range 
speaker with 1oz. ferrite magnet.
Metal Hooben Elefant Parts.
Cast Metal Traversing Cam  $15.00 Ea.
Clark Models TK-22
More Features, Better Control
Click Thumbnail For TK-22 Features.
Brass 3:1 Gearbox    From $90.00
Improved Asiatam/Taigen Recoil Unit
Now equipped with servo for more realistic recoil, but a drop in unit complete with barrel elevation, no complex wiring. For use with controllers that support servo recoil.