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Clark TK-22

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 Barrel Recoil Units
5 Reasons Why These Speakers Are Superior

1- Foam Surround For Better Frequency Responce
2-Larger Magnet For Better Efficiency
3-Can Handel More Power
4-Much Better Sound
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2 Inch Foam edge, paper cone full range 
speaker with 1oz. ferrite magnet.
Improved Asiatam/Taigen Recoil Unit
Now equipped with servo and gear driven for more realistic recoil, but a drop in unit complete with barrel elevation, no complex wiring. For use with controllers that support servo recoil.

$75.00    Part # 1109
NEW!!! Universal Daughter Board
Works with any tank using an 8 pin cable for turret functions. Replaces the single 8 pin connector in the upper hull. Compatable with Heng Long or Clark TK series with simple jumper.
No more soldering and unsoldering. Now you can make your tank truly plug and play.
Part # 2001                                                                         $20.00 ea.
Under Hatch Control Board
Power Switch, Volume Control
Charging Plug, Power On LED
$35.00 ea        Part # 2002
Control Board
Daughter Board
For Heng Long Tanks With Clark TK series Controller

Barrel And Mantlet Sold Separately

$60.00   Part # 1110
Panzer Babes
DAK Tank Commander Hilde
1/2 figure
DAK Leutnant Gretta
Corporal Soffie
DAK Sargent Senta
Private Kriegs Marie
Wehrmacht Sargent Freida
Wehrmacht Private Gisela
Panzer Babes are custom painted 1/18th scale resin figures
to compliment your Panzerarmee

Accessories can be added.

Made to order Starting at $35.00
Call or E-mail for quote
4 Piece Connector Kit For Daughter Boards 6 Inch Leads        

     Part # 2003     $4.00 Per Set
We Can Make Custom PCB Boards For That Project You Have Had In Mind
Give Us A Call Or E-mail And Tell Us What You Need
Clark-Models Servo Recoil And Elevation Kits
More Realistic, Better Action
Servos Included, Some Assembly Required. Servos Included
Kits Available For Heng Long, Taigen Tiger 1 and Torro Metal Sherman M4A3  Barrel Sold Seperately

$85.00 Each In Kit Form
$125.00 Assembled And Tested
3 Piece Transmission Cover For Sherman M4A1
Fits Heng Long 1/16 Tank
Some Finishing And Details Required

$60.00           Part #1101

Convert your M4A3 to the Diesel version M4A2 Engine Cover and exhaust.
A must for Marine Corps M4s

$75.00   Part # 1102
Part # 4001